Raghavendra Rachuri (Acharya Atmadasa)

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Книги Raghavendra Rachuri (Acharya Atmadasa)
Книги Raghavendra Rachuri (Acharya Atmadasa)
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Dr. Rachuri Acharya (Acharya Atmadasa) is the founder president of Atmashrama. Acharya is a unique blend of modern education and traditional scholarship. Whilst enjoying the pinnacle of material glory, Sri Acharya heard the deep inner call and renounced his lucrative job and all his possessions to engage himself in an intense study of the spiritual sciences. He undertook this arduous journey for many years studying the Vedas, Upanishads and travelling the length and breadth of the country in his spiritual quest. Culminating his several years of research, he finally institutionalized the process of spiritual methodology and bestowed humanity with a unique Meditation technique ‘Atmopasana Dhyana Yoga’ that is well suited for a modern man while firmly rooted in Vedic tradition. 

Apart from being a great inspirer and a motivational speaker, Sri Acharya is a multi-faceted humanitarian who is renowned for his eternal compassion towards not only his disciples but also towards any spiritual seeker who approaches him. To further quench his spiritual thirst and help the mundane man, Sri Acharya is associated with famous research organizations in the nation and vigorously carrying out his research with a deep dedication to spread the rich cultural heritage. After being awarded a PhD on Rigveda Bhasya, Sri Acharya started a Residential Gurukul where seven vatus are learning the Vedic Sciences from the roots. Acharya also delivers daily lectures at the Ashrama. Many professionals are currently learning Sanskrit and Philosophical texts in a traditional manner. 

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