Bhakti-Yoga in Business

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Bhakti-Yoga in Business is the engaging tale of Dr. N. D. Desai, also known as Sri Nathji Dasa, whose life-story embodies the intersection of material accomplishment and the path of transcendence. Through the Vaisnava tradition, as embodied by bhakti, or the yoga of devotional love, he has been able to achieve a subtle balance that often eludes spiritual seekers: the ability to live a spiritual life while actively taking part in the workaday world. Spiritual biographies of the East generally focus on the swamis, gurus, yogis, and so on, who have achieved significant attainment in their practices. However, we rarely see a spiritual biography about a person like you or me, a soul who is on the path but still very much a part of the world in which we live. Dr. Desai is just such a person. Thus, in contrast to the usual tale of the austere renunciant, who leaves the world as we know it to adopt a solitary spiritual life – an example that very few of us can follow – BHakti-Yoga in Business highlights a more practical aspect of the journey: the use and engagement of material existence in the service of the Supreme.

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