Critical Essays on Vedanta and Veda

Critical Essays on Vedanta and Veda
Critical Essays on Vedanta and Veda
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Publisher: Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation, Bangalore
Publication date: April 1, 2012
Language: English

Topics: Veda, Vedanta, Dvaita, Tatvavada, Madhvacarya, K.T. Padurangi, Essays, Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation, Bangalore, 2012
Tatvavāda / Mādhvāḥ / Modern / Pandurangi K.T. / ...
विषयाः वेदान्त, तत्ववादः

Editorial Reviews 
Language: English 
Pages: 399 

This Volume contains twenty four critical essays on Vedanta and eleven critical essays on Veda. These essays represent the lectures delivered at different universities and centres of studies. It is felt that these may be useful to the research students, research scholars and readers interested in Vedanta and Veda. In view of this these are compiled together in this volume. It is hoped that it will be a useful reference work. I record my appreciation of the help given to me by Prof. C. Ramanathan in preparing the text of this volume for publication. 

Critical Essays on Vedanta 
1. Radhakrishnan's Exposition of Dvaita Vedanta 1 
2. A Review of Akhandarthatva 20 
3. The concept of Nirvikalpaka and Savikalpaka in Indian epistemology 37 
4. Central Teaching of the Bhagavadgita according to Sri Madhvacharya 67 
5. The concept of Brahman in the three school of Vedanta 81 
6. Dvaita Ethics 96 
7. Concept of Svarupabheda in Prabhakara and Dvaita 105 
8. Some Ethical Concepts in Chandogya Upanisad 116 
9. Similes and metaphors in Chandogya 128 
10. The Concept of Visesa in Dvaita and Nyaya Vaisesika 162 
11. The concept of Saksi in Dvaita and Advaita 168 
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